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UKBGF match results from 2023-08-29 to 2023-08-29

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Richard Coles21101521-6
Jeff Proctor11011183
Chris Brant101-1911-2
Oliver Schneider11011174
Dominic Murgia101-1111-10
Jamie MacPherson202-2322-19
David Gallagher110111101
Murat Hatipoglu11011165
Matthew Fisher101-1011-11
Mike Nicholls101-1811-3
Andrew Darby110111011
Mark Manley101-11011-1
Richard Philip11011147
Caspar Jacobs101-1811-3
Adrian Farthing11011192
Karen Slawek101-1711-4
George Toursoulopoulos110111110
Sean Casey11011138
Romolo Mudu101-11011-1
Beáta Kiss101-1611-5
Salvador Leong110111011
Peter Fivey11011183

Total of 22 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2023-08-29Oliver Schneider11-Karen Slawek
2edit Tue 2023-08-29Richard Coles1110Mark ManleyInternal league
3edit Tue 2023-08-29Richard Coles411Richard PhilipInternal league
4edit Tue 2023-08-29Jeff Proctor118Caspar JacobsInternal league
5edit Tue 2023-08-29Chris Brant911Adrian FarthingInternal league
6edit Tue 2023-08-29Dominic Murgia111George ToursoulopoulosInternal league
7edit Tue 2023-08-29Jamie MacPherson311Sean CaseyInternal league
8edit Tue 2023-08-29Andrew Darby11-Jamie MacPherson
9edit Tue 2023-08-29David Gallagher1110Romolo MuduInternal league
10edit Tue 2023-08-29Murat Hatipoglu116Beáta KissInternal league
11edit Tue 2023-08-29Matthew Fisher011Salvador LeongInternal league
12edit Tue 2023-08-29Mike Nicholls811Peter FiveyInternal league
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