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Worcester match results from 2021-05-25 to 2021-05-25

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Shaun Goode220222814
Jamie MacPherson11011183
Dave Pritchard4404281018
Vic Sanders21101213-1
Anne Buchanan202-2712-5
Alexander Polden32111495
Steve Peers2110770
Maurice McLaughlin202-2312-9
Chris Sanders312-11216-4
George Madgwick422017161
Kim Medway321111101
John Plummer32111697
Reece Hodges211012120
Richard Carter330321912
Nick Close202-2412-8
Katharine McMaster303-3417-13
Matthew Fisher431219145
Mervyn Bleach312-1815-7
Alex Ward211078-1
David Motley101-1811-3
Fak Laight202-2822-14
David Sanders (Worcester)312-11314-1

Total of 22 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2021-05-25Dave Pritchard7-Nick Close
2edit Tue 2021-05-25Vic Sanders7-David Sanders (Worcester)
3edit Tue 2021-05-25Anne Buchanan-7Richard Carter
4edit Tue 2021-05-25Alexander Polden7-Mervyn Bleach
5edit Tue 2021-05-25Steve Peers7-Katharine McMaster
6edit Tue 2021-05-25Maurice McLaughlin-7John Plummer
7edit Tue 2021-05-25Chris Sanders7-Matthew Fisher
8edit Tue 2021-05-25George Madgwick-7Reece Hodges
9edit Tue 2021-05-25Kim Medway-7Dave Pritchard
10edit Tue 2021-05-25Vic Sanders-7Richard Carter
11edit Tue 2021-05-25Alexander Polden7-Steve Peers
12edit Tue 2021-05-25John Plummer7-Chris Sanders
13edit Tue 2021-05-25Reece Hodges-7Dave Pritchard
14edit Tue 2021-05-25Richard Carter7-Alexander Polden
15edit Tue 2021-05-25John Plummer-7Dave Pritchard
16edit Tue 2021-05-25Anne Buchanan-5Matthew Fisher
17edit Tue 2021-05-25Nick Close-5David Sanders (Worcester)
18edit Tue 2021-05-25Maurice McLaughlin-5Mervyn Bleach
19edit Tue 2021-05-25Katharine McMaster-5George Madgwick
20edit Tue 2021-05-25Matthew Fisher5-David Sanders (Worcester)
21edit Tue 2021-05-25Mervyn Bleach-5George Madgwick
22edit Tue 2021-05-25Matthew Fisher5-George Madgwick
23edit Tue 2021-05-25Alex Ward5-Chris Sanders
24edit Tue 2021-05-25Kim Medway5-Katharine McMaster
25edit Tue 2021-05-25Alex Ward-5Kim Medway
26edit Tue 2021-05-25Shaun Goode11-David Motley
27edit Tue 2021-05-25Shaun Goode11-Fak Laight
28edit Tue 2021-05-25Jamie MacPherson11-Fak Laight
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