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Worcester match results from 2021-12-14 to 2021-12-14

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Steve Peers202-2712-5
Katharine McMaster42201016-6
Ian Gwynne3211201010
David Sanders (Worcester)21101293
Nick Close321120128
Peter Hodson312-11516-1
Reece Hodges2110972
Pat Holly440428235
Mervyn Bleach32111192
Chris Sanders202-2212-10
Seán Jones202-2412-8

Total of 11 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2021-12-14Steve Peers-7Pat Holly
2edit Tue 2021-12-14Katharine McMaster-7Reece Hodges
3edit Tue 2021-12-14Ian Gwynne7-Mervyn Bleach
4edit Tue 2021-12-14David Sanders (Worcester)7-Chris Sanders
5edit Tue 2021-12-14Nick Close7-Seán Jones
6edit Tue 2021-12-14Peter Hodson-7Pat Holly
7edit Tue 2021-12-14Reece Hodges-7Ian Gwynne
8edit Tue 2021-12-14David Sanders (Worcester)-7Nick Close
9edit Tue 2021-12-14Pat Holly7-Ian Gwynne
10edit Tue 2021-12-14Nick Close-7Pat Holly
11edit Tue 2021-12-14Katharine McMaster5-Chris Sanders
12edit Tue 2021-12-14Peter Hodson5-Seán Jones
13edit Tue 2021-12-14Steve Peers-5Mervyn Bleach
14edit Tue 2021-12-14Katharine McMaster5-Peter Hodson
15edit Tue 2021-12-14Mervyn Bleach5-Katharine McMaster
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