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Worcester match results from 2023-05-17 to 2023-05-17

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
David Sanders (Worcester)2110880
Richard Carter431223185
Gary Perkins321120146
Seán Jones312-113121
Derek Wright (Worcester)202-2812-4
Jason O'Brien2110990
Tracy Robinson312-11012-2
Michelle Ford312-11316-3
Jo Bell321120146
Garry Jones4404281612
Ian Gwynne101-117-6
Jane Williams202-2612-6
Chris Sanders2110811-3
Nick Close431217143
Anna Price21101011-1

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2023-05-17David Sanders (Worcester)7-Ian Gwynne
2edit Wed 2023-05-17Richard Carter7-Captnblaubaer
3edit Wed 2023-05-17Gary Perkins7-Jane Williams
4edit Wed 2023-05-17Seán Jones-7Chris Sanders
5edit Wed 2023-05-17Derek Wright (Worcester)-7Jo Bell
6edit Wed 2023-05-17Jason O'Brien7-Nick Close
7edit Wed 2023-05-17Tracy Robinson-7Garry Jones
8edit Wed 2023-05-17Michelle Ford-7Anna Price
9edit Wed 2023-05-17David Sanders (Worcester)-7Richard Carter
10edit Wed 2023-05-17Gary Perkins7-Chris Sanders
11edit Wed 2023-05-17Jo Bell7-Jason O'Brien
12edit Wed 2023-05-17Garry Jones7-Anna Price
13edit Wed 2023-05-17Richard Carter7-Gary Perkins
14edit Wed 2023-05-17Jo Bell-7Garry Jones
15edit Wed 2023-05-17Richard Carter-7Garry Jones
16edit Wed 2023-05-17Seán Jones5-Jane Williams
17edit Wed 2023-05-17Tracy Robinson5-Captnblaubaer
18edit Wed 2023-05-17Derek Wright (Worcester)-5Nick Close
19edit Wed 2023-05-17Michelle Ford5-Seán Jones
20edit Wed 2023-05-17Tracy Robinson-5Nick Close
21edit Wed 2023-05-17Michelle Ford-5Nick Close
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